• Infinite Bounds offers a diverse selection of gymnastics classes and programs to meet your child's interests. From traditional artistic gymnastics to tumbling, trampoline, cheerleading and rhythmic gymnastics, IB has just the right class for you! Not sure which class will be the best fit for your athlete? Give us a call and we can schedule you for a free trial!


    1 hour/class   $75.00 Monthly

    2 classes        $120.00 Monthly

    3 classes       $165.00 Monthly

    Annual Membership Fee $50.00 Yearly


  • Gymnastics Classes

    Students may begin as young as 3 years old and will follow the USAG Federation rules and guidelines for proper progressions that will lead to more advanced levels.  

  • Power Tumbling

     IB offers all tumbling levels from forward rolls and cartwheels to the most complex and advanced tumbling skills.

  • Trampoline

    Learn the art of trampoline while gaining confidence while performing back handsprings, flips, and twists. 

  • Cheerleading

    IB Cheer classes teach the foundational progressions of the skills necessary to your athletes' cheerleading development.

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Rhythmic gymnastics combines athletic aspects of dance, gymnastics, ballet and the use of balls, hoops, ribbons, clubs, and rope to build the athlete's strength, flexibility, and endurance.